Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election 2004

It was an eventful, and in some ways surprising election. Although I am completely against the actions taken by Bush in Iraq, I do see a silver lining with some other aspects.

Economy - The economy seems to be on the road to improving. It is partly because of the world record deficits, which Kerry would not have been able to stem either. I did not consider economy a key issue in this election, although I am pro-trade.

Social Issues and Environment - Bush is a throwback to a nasty era of cronyism. Where the rich get richer and help other rich get even richer by extracting benefits from the common weal, while the poor get poorer and work together to make ends meet. Although inherently unfair, it is actually probably good for us from a competitive standpoint. It will reduce costs of production. Longer term, the retirement of the baby boomers and the health care issues are going to be huge.

Foreign Relations - I see no silver lining here, except maybe that the whole world now has extremely low expectations.

Morality - Only in some strange warped world where morality has more to do with forcing religion on others than doing what is right is George Bush the choice on a morality. We consider it worse to let grown adults do what they want in the privacy of their bedroom than go into a foreign country and kill more than 100,000 of their civilian citizens. The issue of gay marriages or civil unions is such a non-issue in my mind compared to the rest of what is happening. I just feel terribly disturbed by the trend. I have seen in print that 70% of Bush voters believe that Iraq played a large part in 9/11. Where is the morality in allowing that belief to continue? Unreal.

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