Thursday, October 27, 2005


Now the Cubs are all alone in the Major League Baseball futility standings.

It's sad. I wish they would have won before my Mom died. She was a diehard Cubs fan.

Team Last WS Win
Cubs 1908
Indians 1948
Giants 1954
Rangers ---- Est. 1961 (Washington Senators)
Astros ---- Est. 1962
Padres ---- Est. 1969
Expos/Nationals ---- Est. 1969
Brewers ---- Est. 1969 (as the Seattle Pilots)
Mariners ---- Est. 1977
Pirates 1979
Phillies 1980
Cardinals 1982
Orioles 1983
Tigers 1984
Royals 1985
Mets 1986
Twins 1987
Dodgers 1988
A's 1989
Reds 1990
Blue Jays 1993
Rockies ---- Est. 1993
Braves 1995
Devil Rays ---- Est. 1998
Yankees 2000
Diamondbacks 2001
Angels 2002
Marlins 2003
Red Sox 2004
White Sox 2005

Da White Sox

Woo hoo. They did it. White Sox win the World Series. First the Red Sox, now the White Sox. All we need now is the Cubs and we will have definitive proof that Hell has, in fact, frozen over.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Winning Ugly

Having grown up in Chicago, I am a long time victim of Chicago sports. Oh sure, there were a few bright spots (Jordan and the Bulls, Walter Payton and the Bears), but the record of futility may be unmatched.

I have just watched the second world series game in 2005. The Chicago White Sox are now ahead 2 games to 0 and I am cautiously optimisitic that maybe, just maybe, the White Sox might have a chance of winning three world series games before once again breaking my heart. We'll see.

World Series Tickets $185; Cub Fans At Home In October: Priceless

I have been pondering something. In Chicago, you are either a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan. There is no middle ground. I know that most cities with more than one team are this way as well, but I think that Chicago it is a little more polarized than most places. Why is that? If anyone out there has insight on that I would like to hear from you.

In my family, my mother was a diehard Cubs fan. I'm not sure why I became a White Sox fan though. Was there something in the air in 1959 when I was 2 years old and the Go Go Sox went to the series? I think my first Major League ball game was at Comiskey Park. Maybe I was just being contrary. That wouldn't be too surprising.