Saturday, March 29, 2008

Diet and Fitness Update 3/2008

Previously, in January 2008, I reported that I was at 219 lbs and about 20% bodyfat.

Last week I weighed in at 211.8 and somewhere around 15% bodyfat. My rate of weight loss is not huge, but the decrease in bodyfat is really encouraging.

Given the inaccuracies of bodyfat measurement, it is really hard to know if I went from 20% to 15% of 19% to 17%, or some other combination, but the main thing is to see the decrease over time. I am hoping to be down around 13% by mid-year.

I recently read Good Calories, Bad calories by Gary Taubes. It is hard to read, but has led me to believe that the US Government guidelines for low-fat eating are completely out of whack.

I have been following a regimen similar to what is laid out in Emotions for Engineers.

I am continuing to work hard at the gym and my weightlifts are actually increasing (very slightly), rather than decreasing with my weight loss. This is really sweet. The good news is that I appear to not be losing my hard-earned muscle mass.

I'll continue down the road and post here as I continue.

Also, I have been playing around with and have a progress page there.

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