Saturday, September 25, 2004

Cut to the Chase (whatever THAT means)

This year's political silly season is giving me heartburn. It seems that so many "analysts" are completely missing the point. I just feel compelled to write some of my thoughts.

This argument about military service is such a side issue that it gives me hives. I want to put it to rest now.

Everyone agrees that Kerry served in Viet Nam right? Everyone agrees that Bush was registered in the National Guard right.

Best Case for Bush:
Bush served admirably, attended at all times. The records are lost.
Kerry went to Viet Nam served on the Swift Boats, but his medals were awarded erroneously.
Result: Tie. Bush served well, but never put himself in harm's way; Kerry put himself in harm's way but didn't serve well.

Best Case for Kerry:
Kerry served on the Swift Boats, earned all his medals, and was in fact a war hero as the official record indicates. Bush evaded service and didn't even take mandatory drug tests because he knew he would not have passed.
Result: Advantage Kerry.

I don't get why Bush and his friends are continuing to harp on military service. The best they can hope for in this is a tie. If Bush had one shred of honor, he would call off the dogs on this one. However as John McCain can attest, W probably lacks that shred.

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